How Does It Work?


During the PEMF Session the loop will send magnetic pulses through a rubber loop up to 16'' deep. When the pulsing occurs the magnetic field will push and pull on the cell membranes causing them to become more permable which means the cells are more capable of releasing damaging toxins and cellular waste while bringing in good nutrients like oxygen and improves the Lymphatic (Detox) system. The Equipulse device has several settings for intensity which is designed for different parts of the body. Lower intensities can be used for sore areas on the body which are sore to massage by hand. Higher intensities are used for tendons, ligament and bone injuries because they need a deeper penetration. Time for each session can vary on the comfort level of each subject and the session needed. 



PEMF vs. Shockwave - Shockwave can only be done on in a small surface area at a time and can be invasive and painful. Unlike PEMF you can do the entire body without sedation of the damaging potential.

PEMF vs. Laser - Laser has a very small focal area of less than in inch while PEMF has a wide focal area and the wave area does not diminish as it penetrates the body. Laser has a limited penetration of less than 2 inches, unless the power is increased which increases the potential to damage the cells at the surface.

PEMF vs. Magnetic Blankets - While the therapy is similar, the difference is in the delivery method and the ability to focus the right level of power to the specific area that needs it. While the blankets provide a low, uniform level of power, it may not be adequate for deeper injuries or in denser parts of the body. The power of PEMF is measured in gauss, like distance is measured in metres. The cells need at least 25 gauss in order to effect cellular repair, while it is believed that 50 to 85 gauss is considered an optimal level. As the magnetic field travels away from the coil or through denser tissue such as bone, the power diminishes. So it is important to be able to deliver the right level of power to the damaged areas.

What makes our device special?


PEMF therapy enhances a bodies natural ability to heal itself. It can reduce pain and improve the quality of life and performance by allowing a body to function as it was designed to do!