How often should the therapy be done? 

Treatments can be administered two or three times daily, with 4-5 hour breaks between treatments. Treating a spot too much: There’s no evidence that an animal can be over-treated. However, if there is recent, extensive damage to tissues then it is possible that a highly aggressive contraction could cause further trauma and hemorrhage. With a human, who for instance have a sprained ankle, the technology is applied at a low intensity setting for 10 minutes. The objective is to keep the lymphatic system open, blood flowing and reduce the chances of swelling.

Can any damage occur from the treatment?

Like most athletes and active people, who feel amazing after a treatment, care should be taken not to push the athletic limits to quickly. Take time before attempting to run a horse hard or compete too soon, if they have been treated for an injury, etc. If a horse becomes startled or bolts there is a high potential for damage to persons, property and the horse. Thus, the application of the loops and intensity settings are very important.

Can My Horse Be Ridden Before or After The Treatment?

YES! A horse can be worked immediately after a treatment. PEMF helps horses to loosen up and relax at a show, relieves their pain & stiffness and helps them recover faster. We recommend at least 3 treatments.
For Eventers, it is great to do a treatment before Dressage, after XC and after Showjumping.