Becky Staden - Eventing

Keely is a young professional, who brings her knowledge and experience of horses every time she treats a client. I was thoroughly impressed with her patience with my nervous mare (not because of the PEMF machine, but because she is apprehensive of new people). Keely took the time to reassure Cora, as well as explain the therapy in detail to me - even to the point of allowing me to try it on myself. After one session with Keely, my mare was loose and relaxed, and felt eager to be in work. I would recommend Keely to any of my friends or clients, as an additional therapy to help keep our equine athletes on top of their game.

Christel Havre - Dressage/ Owner of the dressage boutique

My 23 year old Tino @tino1994holsteiner fully enjoyed his first cavallo pulse therapy session! Thanks to Keely! First ride back after that session he felt more balanced and through on his hollow side. Thanks Keely!








Elisha Hill - International Eventer

5 stars!!! Seriously isn't a high enough rating for how incredible PEMF therapy has been for my horses!!
I've had the absolute joy off adding Cavallo Pulse Therapy to my therapy program this year and honestly how did I ever manage with out. 
PEMF has proven more responsive to horses with injured tendons and allowing them to heal months faster. My horses will always feel their best especially after their long Cross Country runs!!
PEMF therapy will always be my #1 choice for the maintenance of my happy horses!!!

Casey Dermott - Dressage 

In addition to the benefits I felt in my horses that were working, Keely has worked with two of my horses during rehab. Both Avatar and Emma showed marked improvements after only one treatment, it really is quite remarkable! My older dog Dandy, who has hip problems, was so much happier after her treatment that she was pulling me around on our walks. I can not recommend Cavallo Pulse Therapy enough!!