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Why Hemp Oil

• Stamina & Heart Rate - lowered heart rates at rest and immediately following exercise

• Good healthy fats contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system. Peak performance

• Reduces recovery timeReduces lactic acid build up in muscles

• Supplemented fat can be used as an alternative sustainable energy source, saving stored glycogen

• Horses are very efficient in utilizing and digesting fat as a source for fuel

• Cool Energy - Fat is referred to as a cool energy source. Fat produces less body heat when metabolized and is a great source of energy for working horses, especially those that live in warmer climates

• Use of hemp products has shown increased calmness and focus due to its unique natural properties as well as contributing to overall health

• Since fats are digested more slowly blood sugar levels are maintained, reducing the amount and frequency of stress hormones

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Omega 3,6 And 9.

• Because omega-6 and omega-3 work hand-in-hand within the horse’s body, equine nutritionists place more emphasis on maintaining the proper balance or ratio between the two rather than focusing on the total quantity of either one. Hemp oil provides an ideal balance of 3-6-9.

• Omega 6 – Naturally occurring fatty acids that help bolster the immune system. Beneficial for infection and sickness. Specifically, omega-6 fatty acids are used by the body to make pro-inflammatory mediators for the immune system.

• Omega 3 – Shown to reduce inflammation. They balance immune function, protect joints and ligaments, diminish inflammation, support gastrointestinal function, reduce skin allergies, and decrease nervousness among many other benefits.

• The ideal ratio has been deemed as 3:1 (3 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3) It is important to remember that inflammation is an important process the body uses to fight infection and mediate tissue repair, therefore a balance between pro-and anti-inflammatory mediators is the goal. Omega-6 fatty acids do not cause inflammation, rather they provide the substrate needed to mount an inflammatory response if and when it is needed making them a very important part of the diet. Because grains are a rich source of omega-6, our modern method of feeding horses has likely skewed their omega profile quite significantly.

• Omega-9 Shown to benefit the heart, brain and overall well-being.