Our Team

Cavallo Pulse Therapy is passionate about helping the equine athlete compete at their optimum best, and really helping the riders reach their goals.


Austin Krawitt

Austin has represented Canada at 2 team events, Thunderbird Nations Cup as well as the North American youth championships 2018 where we were team bronze. He has competed at te FEI level on his Grand Prix horse Chewy at Royal West and got 4th in the 2* grand Prix, and 6th and 2nd in the 3* Grand Prixs. He then competed at the Maclay Regional finals and placed 6th and 2nd at the USET west coast finals on his other horse Scirocco 91.

“I love CPT because it always helps loosen my horses body’s and allow them to feel more comfortable when they jump. All my horses have preformed better after getting their CPT PEMF sessions done!”

eric krawitt.jpg

Eric Krawitt

Eric has been riding for 6 years, now training at Blue Valley farm with his mother Sandra Anderson located in Calgary, Alberta. Plans for 2019 he will be looking to move up into the 1.40 level and will also be starting equitation for the first time.

Major achievements include:

  • 2018 Tbird Childrens welcome 1st place.

  • 2018 North American Youth Championships Childrens Nations cup Gold Medalist.

  • 2018 $10,000 Lavender Eight Grand Prix 1st Place.

“I love how great my horses feel after their monthly session of PEMF. PEMF not only can it reduce injury but makes them preform there best. It allows my horse to not be as stiff and makes them be able to move better. It is an honour to be part of the team and I would recommend for everyone to try PEMF. I am really looking forward to the 2019 season especially with such a great team. “

Becky f.jpg

Becky Farrell

Becky has been riding since she was 10 and eventing since she was 12. She has competed to the Intermediate level of eventing as well as several CCI2*-L. She has represented Alberta in the 2015 Interprovincial Championships as well as competing in Washington, Montana, California and Florida. In 2019 she plans to get qualified for a CCI2*-L with her current horse, McBean. On top of competing, she has several sale horses that she is looking at showing before finding them their new homes.

“I have been using PEMF for my horses ever since I heard Cavallo Pulse Therapy. My horses have intense training and competition schedules and not only does PEMF help my horses muscles recover but also keeps them feeling their best headed into a competition. I’ve noticed a night and day difference especially in my TB, after a PEMF session he is much more elastic and loose in his body. PEMF is a major role in maintaining all my horses and I am so grateful to be part of the CPT team.”


Anya Bereznicki -

‘‘ In addition to the benefits I felt in my horses that were working, Keely has worked with two of my horses during rehab. Both Avatar and Emma showed marked improvements after only one treatment, it really is quite remarkable! My older dog Dandy, who has hip problems, was so much happier after her treatment that she was pulling me around on our walks. I can not recommend Cavallo Pulse Therapy enough!!’’ - Casey Dermott

‘‘Seriously isn't a high enough rating for how incredible PEMF therapy has been for my horses!!
I've had the absolute joy off adding Cavallo Pulse Therapy to my therapy program this year and honestly how did I ever manage with out. PEMF has proven more responsive to horses with injured tendons and allowing them to heal months faster. My horses will always feel their best especially after their long Cross Country runs!! PEMF therapy will always be my #1 choice for the maintenance of my happy horses!!!’’ - Elisha Hill

‘‘I've used massage and chiro on my horses before and when I first heard of this pulse therapy I thought I would give it a shot. I noticed a significant difference on my thoroughbred gelding who can be quite tight. He was more relaxed and loose in his body the day after his first treatment. PEMF is now a part of all my horses maintenance program.’’ - Becky Farrell

‘‘My horse "Bart" has been off with a serious injury for months. Keely has been doing regular PEMF sessions on both his body and legs. Bart likes his treatments and seems very relaxed after. Keely has great knowledge and is good at explaining things as she goes. These sessions are helping him on his rode to recovery. I think PEMF is a good compliment to any riding/ recovery program.’’ - Darcy Niers