Becky Staden - Eventing

Keely is a young professional, who brings her knowledge and experience of horses every time she treats a client. I was thoroughly impressed with her patience with my nervous mare (not because of the PEMF machine, but because she is apprehensive of new people). Keely took the time to reassure Cora, as well as explain the therapy in detail to me - even to the point of allowing me to try it on myself. After one session with Keely, my mare was loose and relaxed, and felt eager to be in work. I would recommend Keely to any of my friends or clients, as an additional therapy to help keep our equine athletes on top of their game.


Becky Farrell - Eventing

I've used massage and chiro on my horses before and when I first heard of this pulse therapy I thought I would give it a shot. I noticed a significant difference on my thoroughbred gelding who can be quite tight. He was more relaxed and loose in his body the day after his first treatment. PEMF is now a part of all my horses maintenance program.


Christel Havre - Dressage/ Owner Of The Dressage Boutique

My 23 year old Tino @tino1994holsteiner fully enjoyed his first cavallo pulse therapy session! Thanks to Keely! First ride back after that session he felt more balanced and through on his hollow side. Thanks Keely!


Darcy Niers - Show Jumping

My horse Bart has been off with a serious injury for months. Keely has been doing regular PEMF sessions on both his body and legs. Bart likes his treatments and seems very relaxed after. Keely has great knowledge and is good at explaining things as she goes. These sessions are helping him on his road to recovery. I think PEMF is a good compliment to any riding/ recovery program.

Linda Howard

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